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Paul teaches writing to adults and film making to children. He teaches fiction writing and memoir classes at College of DuPage. 

He is also a private tutor and a writing coach. 

For the writer


 There are heaps of teachers, but few Paul Bariles. Generous, authentic, funny and engaging, you can’t help but be uber aware that in addition to being a writer himself, this guy is truly a teacher at heart. In a depth-challenged world that increasingly values appearance over substance and ego over compassion, Paul is the much needed antidote. He is fully committed to helping his students find their creative voices and he puts forth and stands by the idea that if something speaks to you - if something moves you - it is a story worth exploring. It is a story that ONLY YOU can tell. I sincerely value his insight. I think you will, too.

Andra B. 

 In early 2019 I was a student in two writing classes of Paul Barile at College of DuPage.  I thoroughly enjoyed them both.  I was motivated to put my pencil to the paper; I was inspired to write more often and in greater volume; and I enjoyed sharing my writing with others and receiving important feedback.  Paul instructed us not only on the essential ingredients that make a quality writing piece, but also on the heart and soul that are needed additions to the recipe.  In November 2019 I finished a 51,000 word first draft of a story that has been on my heart for decades.  It would not have been written if not for the classes I took with Paul.  My favorite quote from Paul is, "Always be writing." 

Jim R.

It wasn’t easy to walk into class that first day. It had been decades since my last writing class and I was feeling quite uncertain. It was a fleeting feeling however because the atmosphere in Paul’s classroom was accepting, comfortable and encouraging. I looked forward to his vast variety of prompts and quick writes and was often surprised at what appeared on my paper. The classes were designed to write, share and learn about the writing process in a relaxed professional atmosphere. I was amazed at the way Paul made us all feel comfortable at our own levels;  able to admire the writing of others, yet I never feeling  compared to any. We all gained so much from our time with Paul from the recent immigrant to the advanced writer. Thanks to this class, I find time to write almost daily, I read with a different eye and I look forward to taking another class.

Cindy C.

 I truly enjoyed Paul Barile’s creative writing class at College of DuPage.  The class was two hours and initially I was hesitant that I could be engaged for that amount of time, but it flew by.  He has the rare ability to be in tune with all the class members.  He knows exactly when to shift gears.  I have been an undisciplined writer for all of my life.  I never actually wrote a full story.  I can now say that I have written a story that I am very proud of.  Thanks to Paul his class taught me how to begin, begin, and begin again.  He is very encouraging.  Your first effort may not be your best, but your best will come.  It is worth the effort.  

Kathy S.

I participated in a Creative Writing course at Harper College taught by Paul Barile.

The class was very informative, requiring active participation. Paul’s relaxed manner allowed us to share our writing without being intimidated. I gained many new skills from his class.

Since then, Paul keeps in touch with many of his students, offering visual prompts for spontaneous writing and opportunities for submission of our work.

Paul Barile is the most supportive and encouraging instructor I have encountered and highly recommend his unarming style.

Thank you.

Jane T.

 I have taken two classes at the College of Du Page from Paul. I learned not only about writing, but about myself as a person and a writer.  He was encouraging and creative in his approach to novice writer's .  He always found something good in our writing, and showed us where to expand or explain. He never criticized and always looked for something positive in our writing.  I would take another class with him again and highly recommend him as an instructor.

Lin Z

I took three classes with Paul Barile beginning the summer of 2019. As a result I was able to write the first short story I have written in many years. Paul is a working writer. He has some solid ideas on how to write in many genres. He is very encouraging and goes out of his way not to critique anything in a manner that discourages writing. 

I would certainly recommend working with him. 

Gerry K,

 I originally wanted to sign up for the memoir writing class at COD because of my desire to write a memoir about my life for my children. The memoirs class didn't fit my schedule, so I chose the creative writing class with Paul Barile. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and was inspired by Paul in different ways. The class was most enjoyable because of his gentle and humorous nature. He continually encouraged us to write, write, write and write some more. Paul provided many resources to help us in our writing endeavors. I am eager to take more of his classes moving forward. Paul Barile is an inspiration! 

Marylin B.

I took Paul’s creative writing class in Feb/March, and I enjoyed every minute! His creative writing prompts inspired me to put pen to paper, which is something I haven’t done in far too long. He is knowledgeable and thorough, and is passionate about his work. The class was fun, informative, challenging, and helped me to not only think outside the box, but help me break through writers block. He also has some great book recommendations for writers! I was looking forward to his next class, until COVID-19 closed COD temporarily. Now I will use my quarantine time to write my novel. Thanks Paul for reawakening the writer within!  I hope to be in one of your classes again soon once this passes! 

Angela H

 One of the reasons Paul Barile’s WRITING MEMOIRS class surprised me was because he had us writing immediately.  We read our short assignments and critiqued them. Paul taught the art of critiquing as well. It was fun. Paul is one of the best writing teachers ever.



The best compliment I can give to Paul is; he makes the skill of writing feel accessible for any level of the student writer.
His sessions explain the purpose to emphasize feelings in writing and the goal of how to engage the reader in the story. He mentioned a foolproof formula to be a great writer. How could anyone refuse that offer? 

For me, the take away from Paul's class is to enjoy what is being expressed on paper and always be writing.   

I learned from one of the greatest. Kathi B.

I signed up for a creative writing class with Mr. Barile in order to stimulate and explore the creative side of myself. This was one of the best decisions of my life.

Mr. Barile is an excellent teacher. From the very first day, first hour of class, I found myself stimulated and thoroughly engaged for the entire 2 hours we were there. Using class exercises that were thoughtful and thought-provoking, he encouraged us to think outside the box and run with our ideas.

In addition, to promote our creativity, he also laid out a very systematic approach to creative writing that took some of the mystery out of it and allowed us to develop our own stories and visualize both an end point to the story and the possibility of sharing those stories with others.

I learned a lot during this class and will be seeking another with him as an instructor. I highly recommend Mr. Barile for anyone wanting to develop their creative skills in whatever form they may take.

Mary H.