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Some of Paul's Projects

My Brother's Hands

Paul's debut novel is a coming-of-age story filled with quirky characters and extraordinary situations. 

Chasing Happy

The audio book is out now - the actual physical book and e-book will be out in time for the holidays.

The Summit of Justice

A very limited run of Paul's comic book was made available early 2018. There is a follow-up planned for spring 2019. 

Something About Henry

"Something About Henry" won best drama in the 2018 Frozen Film Festival. Paul wrote the script  (and had a cameo in the film).

Hercules the Lesser

When there are two boys named Hercules in  the same grade and in the same school - one will naturally be the lesser. 

Find out which one you are. 

The Poem Guy

Just another blue-collar poet sharing his verses and curses. 

Hercules the Lesser

The Poem Guy


Poems and Stuff

Don't be afraid. They are only words.